Wednesday, September 9, 2015

7 Stacy Music Videos to Watch

Check all of them out NOW! We mean it.

You’ve voted, now get excited! Just like you, we’re all eager to welcome award winning Malaysian singer Stacy on stage and see her perform at one of the most happening nights ever!

While you count down the days to MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015, we rank our favourite music videos of Stacy from ‘it’s-amazing-watch-it’ to ‘it’s-really-amazing-you-needa-watch-it-now’:

1. ‘Bosan’
We totally get why Stacy claims the crown of ‘Malaysia’s dancing queen,’ after watching this dance-centric music video.  Stacy is in her element here, showing off a bunch of mad dancing skills! There is nothing  ‘boring’ about this song and music video at all.

2. ‘Jahatnya Cinta’ with Akim Ahmad

So what if this music video was made for the 2011 ‘Say it with Cornetto Style’ campaign? Who doesn’t want to be surprised with a dozen roses and an entire cart of ice-cream? Everything about this screams potential ROM COM! We just wish they had made it into one because we’d totally watch a full length version of it. Plus, we won’t deny how catchy the song is either.

3. 'Gilalah'

Any music video that looks like a rainbow automatically ends up on our to-watch list! What’s even cuter is this totally adorbs appearance made by Stacy’s daughter, Beyya. We can’t get over this mother-daughter pair!

4. ‘Kembali’ with Akim Ahmad
Compared to their other music video together (see: number 2), the duo gets a little more emotional in this one. Coupled with the classic fairytale-esque setting, the music video is much darker and a bit more dramatic.

5. Kasanova

What do we love more than Stacy herself? A bad-ass Stacy, who’s about to shut down a smooth-talking player. In her very cool aviator shades, no less.

6. Kisah Dongeng

Stacy sings about imperfections and finding someone who can love them regardless of it. The music video and song really gave us ALL the feels. We’re not kidding.

7. Not for Sale

We. Love. It. Everything about Stacy’s latest music video, ‘Not For Sale,’ is so, so, SO lavish and luxurious, we wish we could be a part of it too. From Dior to Prada, Stacy struts and surrounds herself in all sorts of elegant designer goods. What’s not to love? BO$$.

Now, we seriously can’t wait for her to grace our stage with her beautiful presence at this year’s MTV World Stage Malaysia!

Credit to: MTV Asia World Stage. Full link here:

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